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Hair Bows for Women ..                                     


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Yes!  We do special orders!  If you have fabric, send it to us.   We will make your bows.  You may contact us at (276) 496-0154.

Email:   sales@ladiesway.com

There are three styles of hair bows.  CLIP.JPG (9022 bytes)


The butterfly clip type is shown in the picture on the left.  These are large bows measuring  approximately 6 inches.  The clip alone measures 3 inches.  The extra large bows measure 8 inches

frclip.jpg (9447 bytes)These are 100% Washable Polyester unless otherwise noted in the description..

We have four sizes of the French Clip Hair Bows (shown on the right).  The small size measures approximately 3 1/2 to 4 inches across. The medium bows measure 5 inches, and the large size measures 7 inches across, and the Extra-large French Clip bows measure 8 inches.   The french clip we use is 3 inches.  If you need a 4 inch clip, please e-mail or call us and we can accomodate your needs.FLB003.jpg (10351 bytes)


We call this hair bow "The Floppy Bow".  It is attached to a 3 inch french clip and measures approximately 6 inches from knot to scalloped edge.




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